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It has been over 20 years since OSKA company started running business in engineering for woodworking and furniture industry. Our registered is located about 10 kilometers from Bydgoszcz, nearby the national road no. 25 leading to Inowroclaw and Konin.

Our offer includes:

  • drum chippers and shredders for processing woodwaste from sawmills and carpenters' shops into technological, fuel and smoke chips,
  • hammer mills for secondary processing of woodchips,
  • feeding and collecting systems based on chain, belt, vibrating and sieving feeders/conveyors,
  • multi-rip saws for cutting timber.

Long-standing experience in engineering industry, together with well-developed machine stock, allow to offer our customers complex solutions, such as:

  • lines for biomass production from woodwaste with optional output sorting,
  • barking lines with woodwaste removal,
  • lines for cutting timbes including woodwaste recycling.

For upholstery we offer practical and user-friendly sawing machines for cutting upholstery foam as well as shredding machines for such waste:

  • band sawing machine OKPP 120 for cutting upholstery foam blocks vertically in three different versions: manually, mechanically or full automatically operated,
  • profile sawing machine OKKS 140 for shaping upholstery foam blocks according to a defined stencil,
  • diagonal sawing machine OKPS 100 for chamfering upholstery foam blocks,
  • shredding machines OKSP 800 and fi260 for processing upholstery foam waste.

All products made by OSKA conform to any requirements on safe operation certified by CE marking. We provide full warranty service and aftersales assistance.

We specialize also in manufacturing parts and components for woodworking machinery. We offer overhauls as well. We produce:

  • chains for conveyors, wood flooring making machines, beam saws, barkers,
  • track feeds for various types of multi-rip saws,
  • multi-spindle drill heads,
  • feeding rollers for planers,
  • tensioners for gang saws.

Thanks to well-developed machine stock we also provide services in the field of welding and machining of steel, aluminium, cast iron and polypropylene materials according to a technical documentation entrusted by our customers.

We welcome your cooperation!

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e-mail: oska@oska.com.pl

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