Tearing machines for processing upholstery foam wastes

We offer two types of mills for shredding upholstery foam waste into pellets used to fill upholstery products, toys, etc.

Mill Ø260 is a relatively small device suitable for small furniture and upholstery workshops.

For industrial waste processing, which require higher productivity, we recommend strongly to choose mill OKSP 800.

Tearing machine OKSP 800

  • Main motor power: 45 kW 
  • Feeding shaft drive motor power: 1.5 kW 
  • Number of knives on cutting head: 3
  • Number of counterknives: 2
  • Inlet chamber cross-section (w x h): 780 x 120 mm 
  • Spout diameter for connecting extraction system: Ø250 mm 
  • Capacity (if a screen Ø16 mm*): approx. 500 kg/h 

*capacity depends on screen perforation diameter and extraction system power! 


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