The series of OKRR ZD shredders includes stationary low-speed, electrically driven machines. They are intended for grinding short wood waste remained after wood, hardboard, MDF boards processing into high-quality fuel chips. The screen with appropriate fine perforation used in the shredder allows also to obtain material suitable for briquetting. Raw wood is loaded into a feed hopper where using gravity falls down on a rotor with shredding knives. Continuity of the shredding process is provided by a hydraulic mechanism pushing wood waste to the rotor. Lifetime of the shredding knives is prolonged by their eight cutting edges and possibility to turn each knife.

Basic unit, which is adapted to pneumatic collection of chips, consists of a shredder, a control box (based on electrical components made by Siemens and Eaton) and a separate control panel. Those shredders can be optionally fitted with chip collection system based on drag chain conveyor made according to parameters given by a customer.

Shredder OKRR 600 ZD for pinewood/chipboard waste

  • Type of chips: fuel
  • Main drive motor power:
    • 18.5 kW
    • 22 kW
  • Cutting rotor width: 624 mm
  • Number of knives on cutting rotor:
    • 20 + 4 side knives
    • 40 + 4 side knives
  • Capacity: up to 800 kg/h
  • Screen perforation: 20x20 mm
  • Extracting spout diameter: ø 200 mm (or to be agreed with a customer)


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