Sawing machines for cutting upholstery foam

We offer a range of functional sawing machines for cutting upholstery foam (polyurethane) for small and medium-sized furniture and upholstery plants.
Our offer includes machines for cutting block foam at right angle (band sawing machine OKPP 120), cutting out shapes according to the given template (profile sawing machine OKKS 140) and chamfering or cutting out wedges (diagonal sawing machine OKPS 120).

Those machines can well create a complex line of cutting upholstery foam.

Band sawing machine OKPP 120

  • Max. dimensions of foam block to be cut 
    • height: 1200 mm
    • length:  2000 mm
    • width: 1200 mm 
  • Table dimensions
    • length: 2500 mm
    • width: 1400 mm
  • Bandknife drive motor power: 3 kW
  • Sharpener drive motor power: 100 W 
  • Bandknife cover geared motor power: 0.18 kW

Tables are immobilized by electromagnetic clutch. 

There is a possibility to make the machine with manual, mechanic or automatic control system as well as with additional pressuring table.


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