Circular cut-off machine PMR 350

Circular cut-off machine PMR 350 is designed for manual cutting metals and alloys in the form of rolled or drawn rods as well as metal bars and tubes. The machine can be used stationary in an organized place allotted to cut materials being in stock as well as in any place with immediate need to cut metal materials (e.g. outside a shop floor). Lightweight structure and road wheels mounted make the cut-off machine easy to move. A necessary condition to use the machine outside a shop floor is an access to a right and safe electrical socket supplying voltage of 400 V/16 A. The circular cut-off machine is fitted with a stand to support long elements being cut, a vice and an adjustable fender limiting protrusion of material being cut. A set of equipment includes also a plug of 16A/400V type which is fixed at the end of 3-meters long cable.

Circular cut-off machine PMR 350

  • Max. cross-section of bars to be cut: 40 mm 
  • Max. cross-section of tubes to be cut: 90 mm
  • Max. cross-section of shaped profiles to be cut: 70 mm
  • Main motor power: 3 kW
  • Max. turning angle of vice to the left: 45º
  • Max. turning angle of vice to the right: 30º
  • Abrasive wheel diameter: Ø350 mm


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