Drum chippers

The series of OKRR drum chippers includes stationary chippers with electrical drive designed for chipping woodwaste from sawmills and carpenters' shops into high-quality technological, fuel and smoke chips, regardless of material humidity. Normally, those chippers are fitted with vibrating feeders providing automatic and safe feeding of woodwaste to a chipper inlet. Chip size depends on a number of knives in a drum and on perforation of a screen mounted under the cutting head. The chippers are also fitted with anti-overload system preventing machine to be stopped if too large portion of woodwaste is fed.

Basic unit, which is adapted to pneumatic collection of chips, consists of a chipper, a vibrating feeder, a control box (based on electrical components made by Siemens and Eaton) and a separate control panel. As an option, those chippers can be fitted with an inverter to adjust feeding speed of the material used. As a result, chip length can be adjusted. Chippers can also be optionally fitted with chip collection system based on drag chain conveyor made according to parameters given by a customer.

Drum chipper OKRR 550 for fuel/smoke chip production

  • Number of knives on a drum: 4
  • Main motor power: 75 kW
  • Input capacity: 12 ÷ 16 Fm/h
  • Chip size*: up tp 2 cm
  • Screen perforation: 35x35 mm
  • Drum diameter: Ø 585 mm
  • Linear feeding velocity: approx. 39 m/min
  • Inlet chamber cross-section (w x h): 500 x 180 mm - wood waste from sawmills like trimmings and edgings
  • Vibrating feeder (standard):
    • length: 6000 mm
    • height: 900 mm

* chip size and capacity depends on type of raw material and screen perforation


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